In America today there is no effective, orthodox treatment for “flu” or other viral infections except perhaps in the early stages. The advent of antibiotic resistant bacterial “Superbug” infections adds further infectious diseases for which there is no effective treatment.

Hundreds of thousands of people die in the USA every year, mostly in hospital ICUs, with sepsis or viral infections or Superbug infections. Millions more suffer and lose work from viral diseases that don’t kill them but some of the survivors incur life-long after effects – shingles and MRSA are examples.

Perhaps, it’s time to rethink how we approach these “untreatable” infectious diseases! Perhaps, it’s time to step back from the mantra of thinking that medications are the only option we have. Perhaps, we should explore the philosophy that the immune system, suitably assisted and enhanced, is the vehicle for curing viral and Superbug infections. After all, for over 50 years we have used vaccinations for long-term prevention of the polio viral infection and now we use them (albeit not as effectively) for “flu”. Maybe we can use another type of immune modulator for acute treatment as well.

As it turns out, for over 80 years, there has been an effective treatment for any infection: viral, Superbug or bacterial. It’s Ultraviolet Blood Therapy (UBT) and it was discovered here in America.

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Revised: October 2021


   UBT has been very effective

Two dozen clinical trials (see the Cures sections) and informal discussions between the publisher and prominent physicians treating with UBT, report that UBT has cured well over 90% (some physicians claim that it is close to 100%) of serious acute viral infections, antibiotic-resistant bacterial (“Superbug”) infections and other bacterial infections. UBT has cured at least half of moribund patients treated with it.

    UBT is very safe

In over 80 years, there have been millions* of successful UBT treatments with no reports of significant adverse side-effects. (*There are well over 10,000 doctors using UBT in Russia and Europe and it has been used there since being driven out of the USA in the 1950s. An average of 1,000 doctors doing one UBT procedure/week for 50 years = 1,000 x 52 x 50 = 2.6 million treatments. Less conservative assumptions put the number at over 10 million treatments.) There are about 1,000 doctors in the USA using UBT extensively.

   UBT acts quickly

It is not unusual for symptoms to have receded within an hour and for the patient to have been cured within a day. Depending on the nature and severity of the infection, one treatment may be enough but additional treatments can be given frequently if a patient is not recovering quickly enough. The UBT procedure takes about half an hour, including preparation.

   Pathogens cannot develop resistance to UBT

as they continue to do against the latest antibiotics. Antibiotics and other conventional treatments have never been effective against viral infections. By definition, antibiotics don’t work against Superbugs and new Superbugs (for example TB and gonorrhea) keep showing up that are resistant to the latest broad-spectrum antibiotics. Even when they work on non-resistant bacterial infections, these drugs can have very nasty side-effects.

   UBT is inexpensive

when compared to what approved standard of care therapies and an elongated stay in the ICU cost; moreover, those conventional treatments frequently don’t work for viral and Superbug infections and the patients die.

Physicians who use UBT in their practices consider it to be one of the greatest discoveries in medical history. Millions of successes can’t be wrong! Every ICU and ER should have it!

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